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Social Media & the Holidays


It’s official—the holiday season has finally arrived. With all the buzzing excitement of the holidays, businesses should take advantage of this because it provides new ways to create interest about products or services through social media. Findings ways to engage audiences through social media is now more important than ever to a business’ longevity. In fact, 36 percent of social media users trust brands with a social media presence, and 80 percent of users who received a response on a social channel went on to make a purchase (Mr. Youth, 2011). Consider using the holidays as an excuse to change things up a little at the work office and use marketing strategies to target consumers.

socialmediaiconsHere are some tips to consider during the holiday season:

  1. Plan early: Businesses must always stay on top of social media trends and research what competitors are doing in industry as well. Plan early and create strategic plans so that your organization can build buzz before holidays rather than during it.
  2. Post useful content on social media sites: Provide information to people that will be current and beneficial for them during the holiday season.
  3. Don’t forget about SEO: Optimize keywords on social media content that way people can easily find this information again at a later time.
  4. Measure effectiveness of strategies: Determine what strategies work best and what your audiences prefer. Try out different things and see which ideas get the most feedback and responses.
  5. Engage followers: Encourage viewers to post stories or pictures of their holiday plans and hold online contests with incentives.
  6. Show off company culture: This is a fun one. Share photos or stories of what the office staff is up to on social media sites with holiday parties or charitable events

If you were a brand, what holiday strategies would you use to effectively communicate with consumers to drive your business?



Newsletters Aren’t Dead

When we first think of newsletters and brochures we may think of them as something we no longer use because social media online content has replaced them. But that stigma couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, this week we learned in PR Communications that newsletters are still a great marketing tool among internal and external audiences. Newsletters are sources that provide audiences with information about what an organization is doing.

Newsletters are especially important for internal audiences. Its purposes are to inform employees what is going on, what will happen in the future and even industry trends. Most employees enjoy reading current events and happenings with the company because it keeps them in the loop. Employees dislike being left out and forgotten when it comes to company information, so it’s important to let everyone know what is going on weekly or whenever new information is available.

Another reason newsletters are popular with organizations and its employees is that some people aren’t online. Some aren’t interested or don’t know how to get on the Web and look up their company. When an organization covers all its bases, employees are more satisfied with their work.

Spring_2010_cover_only NSL21

It’s also a smart idea for organizations to have a newsletter because they never know who will pick it up and read it. From a nonprofit stand point this is an excellent way to gain interest in the company’s cause. When an external audience picks up a newsletter, they get an insight of what that organization is like and what they stand for.

Newsletters serve as a valuable tool to communicate with different types of audiences and will continue to be a popular way for organizations to connect with publics. Newsletters aren’t dead; they just aren’t recognized enough for what they can accomplish for an organization.

Do you think organizations and companies should continue putting out newsletters? Or do you think they should only have an E-newsletter?