Have you heard of Rewarder?

Yeah, me neither. Rewarder describes itself as simply a social marketplace that connects people who are looking for “unique knowledge or expertise” with those who are interested in helping them.

Did you catch that? It’s difficult to understand what the website is at first glance. But nonetheless, it’s the most recent social media site that is eager to make a name for itself.

Rewarder held a media tweet chat this week to engage audiences through Twitter. Tweeters had the opportunity to participate in a Tweetchat with Rewarder and to learn more about the company. The overwhelming responses of people thought that Rewarder’s concept and website were difficult to follow. This should issue a major red flag to anyone who knows that your customers are always right.

Rewarder took the initiative to explain that all consumers have to do is read its “About” and “FAQ” section to get the point of the site. Well, that’s easier said than done. The consumer must also create a profile first before reviewing rewards on the site. Not to mention, once you create an account it automatically links itself to your Facebook account and uses your private information.

Upon visiting the website the layout looks similar to Pinterest and Etsy. From a consumer point of view, the site is complicated and it shouldn’t take them more than a few seconds to determine what the site is about. The consumer has to dig through the site just to find out what it is about and how it works.

My suggestions for Rewarder are to tweak a few things on their website and clearly explain what the benefits to using the site. The website needs to be more user friendly and should have more information on the top of the homepage where everyone can see it. Secondly, simplify what the uses are, because if the consumer can’t understand it then they won’t be interested.

How do you think Rewarder can improve its website and marketability?



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