Social Media Sickness

Symptoms of a social media addiction include checking your Facebook and Instagram to see how many likes a post or picture has, being mayor of just about every restaurant/venue/bar/place you can think of, and checking your Twitter for any replies or retweets. Could this be you?

Marketo had a hilarious take on unhealthy relationships with social media. Truth be told, we may all be a little guilty of this. Come on admit it, we are all a little nutty for online engagement and checking our phone every hour. You wouldn’t be in this field if you didn’t get excited about social media.

The blog identifies 10 unhealthy habits and symptoms for each type of person. There is every type of social media sickness from “The Alert-Lover” to “The Freak Out-Er.” Convinced these don’t apply to you? Check a few of these out:

  • The Social Guru–  You are a self-proclaimed “Social Media Guru” and use it in your Twitter bio. News flash: everyone can be an expert in social media, gain followers and fans, and follow trends. It’s about knowing exactly who your audience is and writing specific content for them.
  • The Vowel Hater- Your messages can’t fit in 140 characters or less so you drop all vowels from your tweets. Bad idea.  If you’re professional or even a soon-to-be-graduate and you’re doing this, shame on you. It’s unprofessional and people won’t take you seriously. You should be thinking about getting your information as clear and concise as possible.
  • The Blog Referencer- You direct everyone to your blog and say, “I wrote a blog about that, you should read it.” This annoys people to no end. You are telling people if they want to find out about something they need to look it up. Do your friends a solid one and answer their question.

Are you guilty of any of these addictions? Do you have an addiction that wasn’t listed?


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