How to create the best social content

Listen up class: this will provide you with adequate information on how to create content for the social media world.  As a PR senior, I am concerned with creating the perfect content for my future employer. I want to stand out as an entry level professional and do my best to impress with my knowledge of social media content.

I read “The 5 steps of great social content” on the PR Daily and I think it’s a great resource for all levels of PR professionals. It gets down to the basics of what we do as PR communicators.

  1. Think big- The infographic from Lindon East suggests giving yourself some time and space to relax and let the ideas flow. Big ideas come from things that inspire you. Inspiration comes from everywhere—news stories, social media sites, podcasts, etc. When all else fails, write.
  2. Get the point across- This is probably my favorite part of creating social media content. Think about how you will communicate with your audiences. PR messages can come in the form of tweets, photos, blogs, podcasts, and videos just to name a few.
  3. Find your target audience- This is the most important step to creating great content. For PR it’s important to think about who you can get to act or behave a certain way, or who you can persuade to take on a particular action. Also note, you can’t be everything to everyone, so choose a niche or segment to focus on.
  4. Plan, plan, and plan some more- Once you’ve completed your research it’s time to plan. Determine how you will get your message out, what the structure of the plan will be, and the style of the message.
  5. Get the word out- Finally, it’s time create some buzz. Think about where your message will be seen; it could be filmed, uploaded online, or published.

Do you agree with these steps? If not, why?


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