PR disaster for GOP presidential campaign overseas

One of the top PR disasters this summer included Mitt Romney’s overseas tour in Europe. In late July, GOP spokesman Rick Gorka got into some trouble after shouting obscenities to the Polish press.

News reporters bothered Romney and his team as they left the Pilsudski Square in Poland after visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. As Romney was getting into a car, reporters shouted questions and comments, and some made Gorka annoyed. In return he decided to share some unkind words of his own. Gorka said, “Kiss my ass,” and “Shove it”.

According to conservative press members, Romney’s campaign received nothing but negative coverage from the media. Tension was high between Romney and the press because Romney didn’t talk to many reporters.  It was reported that he only gave six interviews for TV broadcasters and two Israeli newspapers. Romney took a total of three questions from them which further irritated the press.

GOP spokesman Rick Gorka and Mitt Romney on presidential campaign

Well, Gorka made a mistake. Can you believe it? Of all the people to open their mouths and shout obscenities, it would be the press secretary. Gorka ultimately took the bait from the news reporters and suffered the consequences. He portrayed not only himself in a negative light, but the Romney campaign as well. It seems Gorka forgot his job isn’t to create problems, it is to prevent them. Gorka has since apologized to the news reporters, but Romney won’t be running to him to solve his next PR crisis. He’s taking an indefinite break from the presidential campaign.

What have we learned from this?
– If you have something nasty to say, it’s best to keep your mouth shut.
– What you say to others can backfire.
– Don’t let others get the best of you.
– Resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

What other lessons can you think of?


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